Other Ways to Support CASA

While our CASA volunteers assigned to children are on the front lines, there are other ways to improve the lives of children who face unbelievable circumstances.  Throughout the year, CASA needs volunteers for special projects and fundraisers.

CASA Ambassador

This is a fantastic program that promotes involvement and outreach from community members on a basic level.

CASA Ambassadors help spread the word about the CASA mission and our need for more volunteers and support by participating in community events, hosting recruitment and information booths, assisting with public presentations, and by aiding in the search for and connection with community partners. They also help provide special gifts and resources for CASA kids, which help them celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations and adoptions. As spokespersons, Ambassadors share the CASA mission with the community with the goal of increasing community understanding of the impact CASA has on the lives of children.

Ambassadors are the marketing and recruitment arm of CASA, inviting qualified community volunteers to work on behalf of children who, because of abuse or neglect, have been placed in protective custody under the jurisdiction of the court system.

See full job description here: CASA Ambassador 

Support CASA

The spouse or partner of a CASA volunteer can also be involved by serving as a Support CASA. 

A Support CASA is a certified CASA volunteer assigned to support the primary volunteer on a case. A Support CASA is available to go on outings with a CASA volunteer and also serves as a sounding board for ideas and frustrations about a case. The role is strictly supportive; a Support CASA cannot act independently of the CASA volunteer they support. They do not participate in the advocacy aspects of a case. However, Support CASAs must complete the same training and screening requirements that regular CASA volunteers complete, and must comply with all program policies and procedures.

The extra support a Support CASA provides will help the CASA volunteer fulfill the duties they have undertaken, and minimize volunteer frustration and stress. A Support CASA also serves as an additional positive adult role model for the child.

See full job descriptoin here: Support CASA

Special Projects

We are always in need of extra hands during special events, projects and fundraisers. We rely on the community's willingness to donate their time and efforts to participate in our many activities throughout the year. Check our calendar for upcoming events, or contact our office to see how you can help!